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We use a wide range of PSAs (pressure-sensitive adhesives). The choice of adhesive depends on the product selected for your application, the substrate on which it will be applied, the intended environment, and the degree of adhesion required.

We work closely with adhesive manufacturers to determine the best adhesive solution for your application and project needs.

Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA)

Maintaining their physical properties to their final use our PSA adhesives offer many advantages due to their composition and construction.

Product composition

The two main adhesives used in PSA applications are rubber-based and acrylic-based.

Rubber-based adhesives have high initial tack, achieve maximum holding power immediately on application, and are typically the most economical choice.

Acrylic-based adhesives generally exhibit lower initial tack and achieve ultimate adhesion 24-72 hours following application. Compared to rubber‑based adhesives, acrylics offer higher resistance and better long‑term performance, support higher temperatures and are recommended for outdoor use.

Product construction

Tape 2Transfer tapes are protected by a silicone-coated release liner, and the fact that they are unsupported by an adhesive film means they are better able to coat irregular surfaces.

Tape 4Double-sided adhesives are coated on both sides with a supporting film, and the adhesive is protected by a silicone paper. An advantage of this type of construction is that each film side can be coated using a different substrate and a different adhesive thickness, thus producing optimal results depending on the final use of the product. In addition, the supporting film increases the dimensional stability of the substrate onto which the adhesive is bonded, particularly if the substrate is soft and elastic.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives are preferred for their consistent physical properties and uniform thickness.