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Quality Assurance Policy

Quality Assurance Policy

  • Offer our customers products and services in line with their needs, specifications and expectations, and in accordance with contractual terms.
  • Ensure consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.

Quality commitments

  • Get to know and understand customers, be attentive to their needs and expectations, and respond appropriately and effectively.
  • Train, inform and hold employees accountable for performance; ensure they are well trained to develop and implement solutions based on customer requirements.
  • Ensure the ongoing control, monitoring and improvement of all our processes.
  • Use various strategies to measure our quality performance, and foster a continuous quality improvement culture across the organization.
  • Conduct surveys and customer satisfaction research on our products and services.
  • Maintain a quality assurance system in accordance with industry certification standards.
  • Respect our commitments

ISO certification

  • Our facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified